Sticky lizards, elbow deep in pasta trash…

Sticky lizards, elbow deep in pasta trash…

Months it has been since I have taken time to do some writing. And I can’t tell you how much has happened!

I got to experience London and various towns in Scotland over summer holidays for a wedding… Traveled to Canada’s east coast for a post-wedding celebration… re-kindled a relationship I thought was lost for sure… You know, I always thought I would be really good at keeping my work and personal lives separate, but I was mistaken. I can handle leaving work at work, but I tell ya! The boys and the family, they’re in my head all the time! And I THINK that is normal, but you can never really be sure…

I feel like I have a lot to cover, and it might bounce around between personal and professional, but really, as long as I entertain someone, even myself, I’m sure it’s fine…I have had friends ask me since I decided I wanted to attempt blogging “What will you write about? Is there even a point?” I had to think about that, initially, I wanted it to be strictly about teaching, strategies, stresses, stories… But then I thought, man, it’s so much easier to sit down and type when I have time than getting cuddled up and hand writing everything at the end of the day. So here we have a smorg of thoughts that I feel necessary to share with whoever feels like reading it.

Let’s back track a few months, shall we? I had a student, Jack who had brought in to school a rubber, sticky lizard…You know the ones…Small, extremely stretchy, throw them at the wall and they’ll stick…Yes, we teachers hate those don’t we? This kid could not for the life of him, could not just leave it on his desk to do his work. So, nearing the end of a long and frustrating day, I threw that lizard out. Angry teacher strikes again! I felt instant regret.

(I’ll tell you why. When I was in the first grade, I had a substitute teacher. I was being a ‘bad kid’ with some neon-colored, rubber, stretchy shoe-laces that my aunt had gotten me; who I never saw, and passed away not long after…I had obviously sucked the air out of her last straw… She cut those shoe-laces into itty bitty pieces, dropping them directly into the garbage can, right in front of me.)

I did NOT want to be that teacher that this kid would hate for the rest of his life! I waited until they had left for the buses, staring at that 50 gallon (give or take) trash can…reeking of their snacks and lunches from the day, spilling over with styrofoam dishes dripping with spaghetti sauce….And then I just went for it. I rolled up the sleeve of my warm, black shirt, and I dug in. I scooped out dishes, picked through candy wraps, dodged mushy unknowns….For 20 minutes…I kid you not friends, I spent 20 minutes of my life digging through kid garbage to find Jack’s stupid lizard!!!! And do you THINK it was there….I finally gave up, running to the sink to get as much soap on whatever body parts were showing as I could. I was stumped.

Fast forward to the next morning. Jacks friend comes to me as soon as he walks in the door. “Miss, did you know Jack got his lizard yesterday? He snuck it out when you were helping someone!”

Well, I’ll be….That little sneak got his toy back before I could admit remorse and apologize!! I never addressed the situation again. Maybe I should have.

And THAT, is my tale of sticky lizards and garbage hunting. I would do it again in a heartbeat.


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