When you remember why you matter…

img_8400I have now been at the same school for a year now…well…I’m half way into my second school year, so let’s make it sound better and say two years 😉

Last year, being with younger kids, as frustrating as it got, I enjoyed the hustle, pressure, and ever changing plans. I read a quote somewhere once saying something along the lines of teachers make more minute-minute decisions than brain surgeons, that’s why they’re so tired. Although I question the validity of that quote, I certainly think it can be quite accurate!

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I’ve got this!

I was lucky enough to have a classroom next door to a veteran teacher, ‘Dawn’. I learned quickly that her daughter was the same age as myself, and I quickly became known as her ‘work daughter’. I loved this role. During the first few weeks, I knew that even though I felt clueless, I always had someone keeping an eye on me, whether I knew it or not. She was at school bright and early with me, and stayed until the end of the day until I felt I was ready to go home.

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